Diary Entry April 22, 2017

April 22, 2017
Dear Diary,

It’s a dark and gloomy day. Raining again of course. I don’t know whatever possessed me to come to this climate. Well of course I do, it was her. She was like a bolt of lightning, one quick strike to my heart, and then gone. We thought it over for a while, sent promising letters filled with passion, but never thought it could be a real thing. It was only a dream. I believed in that dream, but I’ll only admit that to you, my secret conspirator. Writing to you makes everything seem possible.  

I’m meeting her today. I’m carrying you with me to prove how much I have needed her for so long. It’s been a long lonely time, waiting for this meeting. I guess I’ll get used to this weather. After all, I’ll have her, at last.



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  1. Ah .. how intriguing – to read the other pages of this journal might lead us to more understanding … right now we hang from on a sticky string wondering – nicely done indeed!

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