Tale Weaver – The Moon

There it was, menacing look to it, he thought. Peeking out from those clouds, hiding your light, but keeping an eye on us, nevertheless. Something strange about a peeking moon, just giving you enough shine to make everything seem eerie, as if tempting odd behavior and mystical creatures out of their hiding places.  

He slowly, carefully put the garbage sack in the bin. Watching over his shoulder, he was expecting something to jump out and frighten him. He tried to shrug off this feeling of trepidation. Something weird is going to happen tonight, I can feel it; as his thoughts compelled him, he turned to survey the neighborhood. Nothing moving, well nothing visible, he chuckled. It was a nervous reaction to his own fear.  

Evil moon, you’re not getting the best of me! He hurriedly went back into the safety of his home and drew the curtains.


3 thoughts on “Tale Weaver – The Moon

  1. I know that feeling — trying to reassure yourself that there is nothing moving in the periphery of your vision. Lock the door, close the curtains and wait for the sun rise. Well woven tale.

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