A to Z Challenge – R for Reality

I actually hate this word. It started out as your regular garden variety word, along with real, imagine, dream, fantasy, wish, you know, all the ones I like to use. Then along came life to ruin it all, confusing me with facts, another f word I don’t like.  

There I was happily living my life, a great one, good job that was also fun, nice home, friends, neighbors, in good shape physically. Then I started hemorrhaging on the way to work, found out I had Uterine Cancer and had a complete hysterectomy. It wasn’t too bad, I was forty-nine and expected the dreaded “change” soon anyway.

Life improves, moved close to my daughter and grandkids which was a real dream of mine. Then in rolls Esophagus Cancer in my husband. I knew there was only a ten percent chance of survival since my brother in law died of it twenty years before. Yes, no changes in survival rate for this horrid disease. So reality struck again, harder this time, four years ago.

Okay, everyone surviving the loss of our most important family member, but reality wasn’t done with me yet. We all moved to Wyoming. Shortly after, I had an ordinary checkup and found I had Bladder Cancer, resulting in losing the bladder and being fitted with a delightful attachment, the bag. The urostomy is something you have to get used to. Picture a big raspberry on your abdomen…that’s what it looks like. Of course it’s covered by a bag and there are all types of available cottony material items to cover that. My favorite which I don’t have, by the way, has “f— this” written on it. I thought that was hilarious when perusing the catalog.  

So I started a blog to help others in my situation see some humor in this. And there is plenty of it once you get over the, oh my god stage. But there it is, reality again. So deal with it, right? After two years I’ve only received one question about having the urostomy. It’s weird.  

I have to add that meeting everyone here on WP is a part of reality I’m very grateful for. It’s taken me out of myself, possibly too much at times? 😳😂

Thank you for that!💓



8 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – R for Reality

  1. I think we need to get you that ‘f- this’ item. I feel like it’s a badge of honor you should absolutely have for who you are, what you’ve been through, and how you’ve made everyone else’s world better for it.

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  2. This gave me a good chuckle. I think you would make a good friend? Reality, is different for everyone. It’s almost non existent?

    I’m sure you might wish not to be so disabled. I seldom think about it, when blogging, except to wish you universal love. That you might feel some of that coming your way more than it does. Life deals us many bad cards along with the good. The challenge is in acceptance. I think you have and I expect your dear deceased would too. Tender and caring. Cheers Jamie.

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