I see this woman has the right idea,

Seems to have all the right gear

Except for shoes
For body heat to lose
It doesn’t make sense with jacket and hat
Feet with no shoes, what’s up with that?
Those bared feet
Is she trying to look “neat”?
A true outdoor person knows
You lose heat through fingers and toes
Sit by the fire 
All you desire
But socks and shoes will keep you warm
Hiking boots usually the norm
For this mountainous atmosphere
It’s an important part of your gear.
I guess everyone knows their own taste
Maybe she just stupidly packed in haste.



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    1. I looked already … that and Galvanized Iron. For sure GI but I never knew what it stood for.. Thanks though I had another word there but no matter … hehe, it was bit more insulting. Cheers Jamie

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