Flash Fiction for the PP- 17

He was exhausted. Traveling all day, it was time to rest. He enjoyed the oceanside, always seemed to be a changing view. The fresh salt air was rejuvenating, acting as an inspiration to go on even when tired. The sun was lowering, it was time to find a camping spot.  

Jack travelled light, with only a backpack to carry the sum of his present life. He didn’t need much, a journal, two favorite paperbacks, dried fruit, nuts, jerky, flint, and a rain cover. A good knife and some strong twine to make a temporary shelter, and socks. Good dry socks were the most important thing for him. You have to take good care of your feet when walking for miles without end.

He started as soon as school was out. His destination unknown, he wanted an adventure before starting college in the fall. He also needed some alone time from his big family. Time to think, reflect on his life as it is now and hope to decide what road he should take in his college years.

Setting down his pack, he paused to look at the sunset. He took a deep breath as the ocean air soothed his mind.


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