Daily Prompt:  Fry

Ingredients always go awry 

When chopping them up to make stir fry

Especially carrots, they seem to leap

Off the cutting board, trying to keep

Them cornered. Hey that’s an idea!

A board with edges to keep them near

My mind amazes

Goes through phases

Of incredible genius

It’s just plain keenness!

Happy Thursday😂



11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Fry

  1. I could not stand such a board, in my cooking. For it would impede my cleaning. One of the secrets to chopping any veggie, I have found. Is to have an extremely sharp knife and one heavy enough that it needs little downward pressure. I also imagine that chopping or any kitchen work is difficult from a chair? For a long while I used a Chinese cleaver on the hard ones, like potatoes or carrots. Since moving. That remains buried somewhere in my storage unit. I have since then bought a large ceramic knife from Amazon. It is wickedly sharp but also light. … So scotch that remark, about having a heavy knife. Which I knew, as it was written. Hehe. The cleaver used to allow for easy pickup of the chopped goods an the side of the blade. The ceramic one is not so easy for that. Since it’s height is reduced. … Hopping carrots Batman! Cheers Jamie

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    1. I have a large knife that allows you to pick up chopped items and that is convenient. But my favorite is a longer paring knife smaller one. I have a chopping blade in the food processor but it’s too much cleaning for a few vegetables. Yes any cooking is difficult from a chair. 💪🏻😂


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