Secret Keeper – 85

Keep calm she told herself. Knees, stop shaking. Spine, stop running up and down chills. You’re not cold, you’re just scared. Well, not scared, petrified! If you were petrified, you wouldn’t be shaking. I’m babbling, I’m making no sense at all. Why would I? I’m trapped with no means of escape. It’s been three days, or is it four? Let’s see, the first day he brought me here was Monday. I know because I was just stopping for coffee on my way to work. Yes, it was Monday, the day I’d prefer to sleep. I always stop on Monday, that’s my routine. I hate Mondays, so I stop for coffee to relax before starting another week.  

Please stop that shaking! My legs are aching from the shaking. Hey, it rhymes!  It’s not really cold, so STOP SHAKING! Okay, it was Monday, so that’s the first day, and that is when he offered to pick up my car keys. I thought what a nice thing to do, and then he pushed me into my car and before I could react we were driving. I turned to say something and when I looked toward him, he hit me hard in the stomach. When I woke up I was right here where I still remain today. I think today is Wednesday? It’s so dark and I can’t see through the boards.  

It’s been two days, I’m sure of it. He’s brought broth for two meals, so it must be two days. Today is Wednesday, I’m sure of it. I think he broke a rib, maybe two, it’s so hard to breathe.  Three days, but I’m not keeping score. I should. When they rescue me, they WILL rescue me, and set me free, they’ll want to know. Does it make a difference how long someone keeps you against their will?

I’m sure it’s Wednesday. That means I’ve not been to work in three days. Surely someone will wonder where I am, if I’m sick, if I’m all right. Sure they will, and then trace my steps, finding I’m not home sick, but some maniac abducted me. Right in front of my favorite coffee shop. Certainly someone must have seen what happened. Will they remember, though? It’s Wednesday, most people don’t remember an hour ago activities in a busy shop. Three days now. Someone must wonder where I am.

Miss independent, how do you like it now? If you weren’t a loner, if you had a mate, if you had friends, they would be missing you. But you have to be on your own. See what happens when you’re by yourself? No one will miss you, no one will be looking for you, wondering.

Office acquaintances? No, I hate socializing with them. I have to work beside them all day, every day, why would I want to be with them on my time off? I like being by myself. Then I can BE myself. Well that’s fine, but look where you are now? Look at this hovel! You’re trapped here because you chose to lead the life of a loner. You used to think it was rebellious, an adventure awaiting. Not so much anymore. The vitality of that turned into lonely reality. Maybe this is all a dream, reminding me of the bad decisions I’ve made. It might be a dream, but the stink of three days confined to this small space proves me wrong. You wouldn’t be smelling that in a dream, maybe a nightmare.  

I’d give anything to be in a nightmare right now, not this horrid rat trap. There’s no ghosts flying around, no vampires lurking, just a mentally unstable man, a kidnapper. What could he want of me? There’s no ransom to be collected, no happy reunion at the end of the ordeal. There is just me in this big box. My ribs are hurting again. Too much breathing — that’s almost funny! And my legs keep shaking, why won’t they stop? Please, just stop! Maybe this IS a joke, a colossal humorous lesson from the powers that be — we told you you were crazy to live alone in the city!  

I wonder if he’s bringing broth again tonight. I wonder if he’ll speak. I wonder how long he’ll keep me here. I really need a bath. Surely someone will notice I’m gone by now.


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