Picture Prompt-121

“Joe, do you see what I see?”  Harry couldn’t help noticing the water getting darker under him, and it was spreading.  He shouted to his friend Joe again, “Hey, Joe!  What’s going on?”  

Joe was trying to turn his board around but it proved difficult.  Something was touching his feet, and he felt himself being lifted, but that was impossible.  He wasn’t that far from shore, and the pier was right there!  He started to panic, what the heck was happening?  “Harry!  Look!  It’s getting bigger!”

Harry was also being lifted, board and all.  This isn’t happening, he reasoned.  We’re a few yards from shore and the pier!  He tried to get closer to Joe, but both boys were floundering.  

The darkness was growing and the boys were knocked off their boards, falling onto the big object under them.  It felt smooth and slightly soft.  They found they could actually stand up on whatever this was.  They ran towards each other and held on to each other.  The boys were  not falling, they were being slowly maneuvered toward shore, still standing on this, this, what?  They grabbed each other for balance, shocked in disbelief.  The object actually tipped and they slid towards the shoreline, perfectly unharmed.

As slowly as it had appeared, it disappeared under the surface.  The boys fell back on the sand, still in the shock of what transpired.  Just as they were getting to their feet again, eyes still on the water, they saw it.  The incredulous sight of the huge dark form flying out of the water and into the sky.  So quick, they looked at each other to wordlessly confirm it really happened.

It seemed no one noticed the strange occurrence.  The only real evidence that something did happen, were the empty boogie boards floating by themselves.



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