My Personal Letter to Death (and please don’t do this Prompt again)

Dear Death,

I’ve cheated you twice, oh dark one.

You’ll not get the chance again so soon.

I need a few more years to be with my young grandchildren who still grieve my husband’s death. Sneaking away to their bedroom to cry over missing him, breaks my heart and I can’t let you do that to them again so soon.
No, I won’t. You have to wait. There are too many hugs to be given, and too many words of encouragement and praise I have yet to say. Too many views of their graduations, meeting their chosen love, so many times I need to be there. Of course I’m being selfish, I want to be there.

I’m not asking to live until I’m a hundred, or even close. Just a few more years till the littlest ones are too busy to miss me.
I hope you travel on – possibly to someone in unbearable pain with no hope for relief who is longing for your visit. As if anyone really wants you to come. Does anyone?

Take a vacation from my neighborhood for a few years, please.


3 thoughts on “My Personal Letter to Death (and please don’t do this Prompt again)

  1. What the heck! I go to bed all happy then wake up to this! When our time is up it’s up there is not anything we can do about it, we can’t change it. Let’s live in the moment and enjoy. Happy Easter my lovely friend šŸ‘šŸ£šŸ„šŸ£šŸŒ¹

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