A Letter to Death

This not my usual funny, I hope, repertoire.

I asked a friend of mine who suffers from depression to write this Prompt post.

Dear Death, 

I feel sorry for you, I really do. Quite apart from the fact that you never rest, so many people give you a hard time for the misery and sadness they claim you bring. Every second of every day you are at work, claiming the lives of those nearest and dearest to us. But, it’s not really your fault, is it. 

Old age has always claimed it’s fair share of lives… and to be honest, we are slowly winning that battle… living longer. Illness… much the same really. Murder, wars, terrorism… well, we can’t lay those at your door really. We could stop …. well OK, reduce… those if we really wanted to, as a race. 

The way I see it, the fact that you come to collect more in these dark days is anything but your fault. And yet, this is not the main reason that I think you should be better treated, more respected than you are. People do not consider the hope you bring to so many.

Those who have a God, see you not as an ending, but a beginning… and not just a beginning, but a way to eternal life and salvation. From the most devout, peace loving holy man, to the most violent IS disciple, Death fulfills what they have been promised (vestal virgins not guaranteed, though). For those suffering illness, whether it be physical or mental, it brings release… hope that the pain and suffering will be ended.

So, Death, this letter is to thank you.

You have to cope with the pain and tears you cause so many of us, the screaming and wailing, the shouting and blaming. You do so without complaint. You treat everyone the same, taking no account of race, religion, sexual orientation, age. 
Yes, your darkness comes and takes those individuals who brought light into our world, but your darkness brings light into theirs. Our nearest and dearest may no longer be in pain, suffering, and hoping for release. We should not be selfish and say We wish you didn’t take them, because they would still be hurting.

Some of us are still suffering. Many wish for some kind of relief from the constant pain, be it physical and/or mental, but are not brave enough to face up to you. When the day comes and you do come for them, whenever that is, thank you for bringing that release.

Depression is an uncontrollable illness. 



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