#writephoto – Enigma

“I said, Joe, don’t touch that, a lot of good that did!”  Sharon kept talking while Joe just ignored her, as usual.  It was only a story, but I guess she was right.  I shouldn’t have touched it.  Now look at me, encased in stone.  Well, even that doesn’t stop her from talking! He started to laugh, but of course he couldn’t.  How is she still talking when I can’t even laugh?  He started to panic.  What if the curse only affects the one who touches it?  He could barely see but it seemed like he knew what was going on.  

As Joe thought back to the beginning of this trip, he had just gone along with Sharon’s wishes.  She planned each day’s activities, and since he wasn’t keen on traveling in the first place, that was fine with him.  Their relationship had been going downhill for years. This trip was her suggestion for trying to rekindle the feelings of when they first met.  So much for that.  Now here he was, a statue.

Sharon was still talking and he listened as well he could. “Why is it you always make the wrong choice?  Joe, this is all your fault. I warned you not to touch it.  I should have realized you’d do it anyway.  You’re so predictable, just like a little kid.” She kept on scolding him, as if it could change anything.

Joe suddenly realized he was getting more solid.  He could barely hear her, not that it bothered him.  Silence might be preferable after all this time.  I wonder how long this “spell”, if it is one, will last?  He was having trouble listening, was feeling almost sleepy.

Sharon fell forward and the stone casing separated away from her.  She knew this would happen.  It just took longer than she thought.  When she read about the stone’s curse, she finally found a way to rid herself of Joe.  A harmless way, for her anyway.  This curse hadn’t been realized for eons, but she was determined to give it a try.  Research had shown the last time it happened was in the 1600s, but there were rumors and legends of its recurrence. Knowing Joe so well, she almost dared him to touch it, without actually saying it.  Foreseeable, he only thought for a minute before he couldn’t resist doing it. 

She stood up, dusted off the pieces of stone, and smiled to herself.  She almost. . . almost, felt sorry for him. What a site, she thought, and her smile grew larger.



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