A to Z Challenge – L for Lackadaisical

Wow, that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?  I find that many so called waiters, waitresses, or clerks in any type of business, even managers, or their assistants, are sometimes lackadaisical.  In fact I rarely go to restaurants, but if I’m in a “sit down” restaurant, I expect to be waited on.  I add, with proficiency and respect.  Not to sound, well I guess I do sound, because I AM one, like a senior citizen, (why do I not care for that term?) but meals out are expensive.  We used to have a 25cent hamburger joint about a half mile from us and that was cheap!  Now that does sound old, and cranky.  Pardon me while I doze off….

Hey, I’m back!  Since we rarely all go out together, we wanted to celebrate my grandson’s soccer goal last week.  First goal for the team this season.  His choice was Guadalajara here in Cheyenne.  It is family owned and staffed.  And when I say they worked, there was not a moment when you were in want for anything.  Their whole family works there.  And the food was delicious with large portions, and as you might have guessed, I’m picky about getting your money’s worth when I’m spending it.  (There’s that cranky oldster again).  I had to box half my meal and enjoyed it the next day.  Just as good, but I was missing the atmosphere and those handsome waiters!😉

Among the more inefficient clerks in stores, one of the most irritating is the “two behind the counter talking to each other and ignoring you” type.  It’s as if you’re interrupting their day, so wait!  Or the ones who completely ignore you because  “you’re permanently seated in a rolling chair so your brain must not work” type.  They look above you to the person who accompanies you as if you’ve lost the ability to speak along with walking.

I’ve been a store clerk, I’ve waited tables for a very short time, but I’ve been on the serving customers end more than a few times.  I know what you’re supposed to do and how to act.  I think sometimes these people haven’t grown up to respect others or were never properly trained in their jobs.  And that’s just being lackadaisical, all the way around, among other things🙄😉



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  1. I agree with you on the clerks in stores. I am hard of hearing, and a few weeks ago in Kroger I had a young check-out clerk who mumbled something, and I asked her to repeat it, as I did not hear what she said. She rolled her eyes, shook her head, and said, “Never mind”. I was so angry I went to customer service and reported the incident. No excuse to be rude to the customer!

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