Tale Weaver -It’s Party Time!

July 4th would be my date for an unbirthday party. The reason being that for over forty years my July 4th activities were chosen for me. This gives me the opportunity to make a plan for myself. Yes, just me!

Part one: Everyone is invited but you must participate in one of my favorite activities, a scavenger hunt. The list will be twenty items long and whoever returns first with everything on the list wins a super prize….tadah! The prize is a trip for two anywhere your heart desires, here on earth, or either of two planet choices, Mars or Venus. The prize is all expenses paid, including gratuities.

Part two: Refreshments.  My unbirthday includes any type of drink or snack you wish. You simply say it out loud and it magically appears. There are no limits to this. 

Part three: An unbirthday has no cake, but my favorite desserts will be on display including rhubarb pie and lemon meringue pie, maple nut fudge, gingerbread, and coffee ice cream.  You may also choose to roast your own marshmallows, campfires available. These are my particular favorites so I hope you all partake.

Part four: Dancing is also on the agenda. Any kind of music you want to dance to, need only to be thought of and you and your partner will hear that particular music. Each dancing couple or group will be able to dance to their own choice of music that only they will be able to hear.

Please dress comfortably and plan on staying for the fireworks. The party starts at four pm. The scavenger hunt is a requirement and begins at six pm sharp.

RSVP: 1-800-myparty


5 thoughts on “Tale Weaver -It’s Party Time!

  1. I definitely enjoyed your unbirthday plans! Perfect way to celebrate in grand style with whimsy, magic, and fun. I will call and RSVP after posting this comment. I have never been on a scavenger hunt, and look forward to that all expenses paid trip to the choicest spa in Patagonia or on Venus.
    Thanks for participating — have marked July 4th on my calendar.

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