A to Z Challenge – K for Kids

No, not the little goats, children!  I had three, two boys and a girl, perfect! My oldest is turning fifty next week!  Who would have thought it would pass so fast?  Not that I thought that ALL the time.  There were instances when having a four, two and one year old were very difficult.  And that was with as near ideal children as you could ask for.

Expecting the white coats to arrive at any time, I sympathize with young parents now.  I was in the situation of a strange state, new neighborhood, no car, no family, no friends and didn’t always know if I would make it.  People joke about it, but when you’re a mother with a busy, working husband, it can be hard to cope.  Having a super mom for an example, I expected I would be the same, and wanted to be.  Everything had to be perfect, house, dinners, clothes, everything neat and clean always.  Kids behavior excellent also.  Impossible you think.  Yes it was, and it took me years to realize that.  I don’t  have any idea how we all survived but we did.  We are all happy and doing well.  Miracles do happen.  It might not have been perfection, but we all tried our best. And as I’ve written here many times, I’m very proud of them all.   

Sometimes when I see a parent at their “wits’ end”, I think if only they could have someone give them a break.  Take the kids for even a half hour, so they can relax for a minute to calm down. I would have liked to do that for them. I could have used that half hour at times, and my kids were well behaved.  



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  1. I think one of the things that helped me out, Cheryl, is the epiphany that my siblings and I survived my mother’s mistakes and thrived, so my child would survive mine and thrive. So far, so good. She’s thirty. šŸ˜‰ xoxoM

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