Daily Prompt:  Pleased

Today my granddaughter turns nineteen.  Looking for some birthday paper I came across this picture of her from years ago….she might not appreciate me sharing it, but the look on her face just says “pleased” to me.  Among her many talents, she loves history, plays drums and other percussion instruments, artist in many mediums, Daniels Scholarship winner last year, going to UNC, Harry Potter, Michael Jackson, Twenty-one Pilots, Doctor Who, and is a voracious reader.  She volunteers for various activities and the picture of her in the t-shirt was one of her early ones, GREAT( Gang Resistance Education And Training).  The last two years she has organized  Cancer Relays.  I had to kid her about her pic on the right.  I said she went from preteens to vice cop in a few short years.😂 Happy Birthday!🎉🎊🌸💗💓



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