Stop Sitting On It

This guy has the right idea, check it out! ; )


Do you know that your best work is sitting right in front of you, right now? You know, that best-selling novel, that platinum-selling album, that viral video, the collection of timeless poems, those life-changing blog posts you have saved in your draft folder—you know, the content you are looking at and questioning whether it’s good enough to be published and whether anyone will like it.

Put it out there—whatever “it” is—and give the world an opportunity to participate in your essence. Do not allow your ego, pride or self-doubt to minimize your impact on the world. Use your gift and imprint your greatness on the world’s consciousness. There are many souls who are longing to find their way, and it is only your voice, your vibration that can lead them home. 

Yes, the skeptics, pundits, trolls, haters and dream killers are out there, ready to pounce on your content and reduce it…

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