Who I Am–Accepting Change #MyFirstPostRevisited

This is the first post that I can find. My first was “Oh, THAT kind of bag” which I guess disappeared! It was an attempt at humor over having had bladder cancer surgery and fitted with an ostomy bag to collect urine directly from your kidneys. Very useful since you no longer have a bladder.🙄. I hope this gives you a laugh. I try to face things with humor.

The Bag Lady

The dragonfly depicted on my front page is a traditional symbol of change. That’s one of the reasons I chose it, and because it is beautiful.
When you have bladder cancer, your whole life does change. You have many doctor appointments, scans, and tests. All of these change the perspective of your life and future. No matter how positive you try to be, there is always a knawing in the back of your mind of how it will all turn out. I know this feeling well. Every test, and every scan, you have to remain hopeful and positive. Because you have no choice. Think, know that you are going to survive, you’re going to get well. That’s where support from family, friends, nurses, and doctors come in. They are also the ones you have to express your feelings to. Let them in and help you. This is the time to…

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