Stream of Consciousness Saturday-3-18-17

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Mar. 18/17

Good mooooorning bloggers! Hope you had a safe St. Patrick’s Day! I didn’t wear green because I don’t have any except a Delta, CO high school soccer t-shirt that is too big for me with short sleeves, which I don’t wear anymore. Whew, what a sentence with useful information! Keep reading for more indisputable news…..not the fake kind😂!

The word for this Saturday is man. If I ever hear it, it’s accompanied by Oh. Like “oh, man” in a sort of groan or whiny voice. I hate to admit this, but that is an OLD saying, from, uh, the seventies? Like, seriously man…man, did you see that? And others. Man, it is searching my mind for more…, heavy, man.

I try not to use man in the general sense, afraid to offend you feminists out there, but man, it just doesn’t sound right to say firewoman, firemiss? Firelady? I’ve got it, firefem! That’s cool! A new gender appropriate word, because these days, it’s all about a title for your group. At least according to Mr. T and I’m not talking about the bejeweled actor from the A-Team. If our president has his way, you will get a label and a box to put yourself in, and dare not look or speak to anyone else outside “your group”. Yup, that should solve our problems, poverty, hunger, homelessness, school lunch funding, veterans’ benefits, healthcare……see how easy that was?


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