Daily Prompt:  Luck

Just my luck to read this one last

Guess time for my post has passed

I was busy reading other’s blogs

Or still lying in bed like a log

But here I am, finally unstuck

To write about the new prompt luck.



I usually say luck instead of bless

Explaining this would cause a mess

I do have faith I must confess

I just use luck to not cause stress.



Some people might get upended

Religious speech gets them offended

I believe it’s your own decision

Your own thoughts don’t need revision.



My folks used “luck of the Irish”

I can’t think why they thought of this

The Irish history doesn’t seem to be a dish

You’d want to have or even wish.



Whatever you use, I wish you luck

Any way, but don’t run amok

Be casual, be free and kind

Then any version they won’t mind.






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