Picture Prompt-90

“This is a dream of mine, how did you know? Is it because I always write about it, speak about it, show you pictures?” Smiling, she shut her eyes for a second and opened them again. Yes, it was still there. Closing her arm around his, she pulled him close. How long had she waited for this dream to come true. And with him by her side, returning her affectionate touch, all was finally perfect.

As they walked closer to the cabin, her thoughts of how they met filled her mind. She had been in the hospital a few days, boredom set in, and she picked up her laptop. Looking at the built up email get well wishes, she just didn’t have the strength to reply to them all. Writing the same thank you and reassuring them she had survived messages, was quite tiring. 

The pain started again, and she needed a distraction. She loved the humorous people on Twitter, so decided to open it up. Some of her favorites had written enough to make her spirits rise a bit and a new person popped up. The names or icons people use sometimes lead to interesting characters, so she replied to this new person. During her hospital and home recovery time, they became friends. Of course they never met or really knew each other, but there was something there. Call it a spark, a need to know more, or just plain attraction, but it was definitely there. Over a period of months their relationship grew.

They never physically met till a few weeks ago. There had to be sacrifices made on both their parts to be together. They thought and discussed the situation for more than a year, sometimes giving up on the idea completely. Each tried to leave the other behind, but always were drawn back to each other. Finally the time came when they took a leap of faith and of love.  

Today was the day. Their dreams of being together were about to be fulfilled. They looked at each other reassuringly and opened the door to their new life.