Birds I have loved since I first saw them. I was fortunate to grow up where they were plentiful and colorful.

When my daughter was in college she had three different birds. The first was a smallish, long tailed, green parrot she named Norm for Norman from “Psycho”. There were reasons for this.

Second was my favorite, a tiny one named Kiwi, also green. Sweet and tiny, she loved to sit on your shoulder and kiss your cheek.

Last but far from least, was Bird, a Yellow Naped Amazon parrot. Bird finally came to stay with me and my husband because of his mean personality. Making the usual “first bird” owner mistake we bought a tall square cage. It never occurred to us he might fly horizontally😂😲. Second mistake was that it gave his three year old personality a sense of superiority, being taller than us. We had three inside cats at the time, so he had to be higher on the stand. However curious they were, they knew better than to get near him. His beak could take your finger off in a second.

Bird was a lot of fun, and entertaining. He sang anything you repeated often enough, said tons of phrases such as hello, here kitty kitty, love the bird, who is it, I love you, bye bye, wolf whistle, and many more I can’t remember now.   One of the funniest things he did was whisper. If I was out of the room I could hear him practicing to himself new things he had heard.  In fact you could say he was doing murmurations 😂.  Oh yes, he was super intelligent, and manipulative. One of our favorites was him whistling the “Barber of Seville”. My husband would start it, and he would do it over and over.

He had toys and with his strong beak some didn’t last long. A favorite was a baby rattle. We would shut the cats out of the room and he would go out and climb on top of the cage. We tossed the rattle and he would catch it, rattle it, and toss it back to you. This would last until you tired of it. We would let him come and sit with us on the bed when watching tv at night. If he was in a mood and loose, he could stalk your bare feet right out of the room. But basically he was a good bird.  

As I mentioned he was like a three year old. When we had family come to stay with us, we moved him into our bedroom to keep the little kids from being alone with him. He reacted like a jealous child. He would sit on my hand as usual and then act like a kiss was coming.  Then twice, bit me in the lip. One time I called a friend to come over, I was too afraid to look at myself in the mirror!  Yes, I was a slow learner. My friend advised me to get rid of him, but he was like any pet you’ve had for a while, you get attached.

It was only after these attacks, that a short time later, when I went to replace his water or feed him, or clean the cage, he would playfully, at first, act as if he was going to bite me, and then did end up biting me a few times on my hand and arm. We finally decided to take him to the bird shop.

The customers looked down their nose at me, even made comments about how cute he was and how could I leave him, etc. By the time I left, I was in tears. But it was the right thing to do. We told the shop owners of his behavior, but I don’t think they believed me.  At first he can be very charming.  I hope the new owners put him in a lower rectangular cage!


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