Nature is My Idol – The Secret Keeper-Prompt 80

The sky was a brilliant blue. With the snow on the ground so beautifully cold and white, it seemed untouched this early morning. I could hardly believe the beauty before me. I had to talk myself into getting up and out, but I’m so glad I did. Walking for exercise is my passion, and as long as I’m able, I will. I love plowing my boots through the fluffs of snow. I feel empowered, like I’m the queen of the land, first to make a path for my people. 

When it’s so still outside, every little nuance is brought to your attention. How could there be only one snowflake of unique design? I scoop them up on my mittens and look at them lovingly. How many are just here on one hand? I silently ask them to reveal their secret. Of course they don’t respond, just melt in my warm gloves and disappear. Somehow it makes me feel sad. I shake off that thought and move on up the hill.

I have reached my destination, the rise above the cabin. How perfect is this life. How fortunate I am to be able to be in this small part of nature’s wonder. I survey my kingdom with that knowledge of privilege. The lake is icy blue and serene. The geese are not yet awake, hidden in their nests on the edge. The pines are heavy with snowy pillows on their branches. The path I made to this point is a wandering stripe, almost snakelike.  

This is my heaven. I need no angels floating on clouds, playing harps of soothing music. I could never ask for a more idyllic setting to spend the afterlife, if there is one. Another dimension, a Utopia? Those dreams are not for me. This is all I could ever want, to be standing here on this hill.

I had better start back through my trail. Or maybe I’ll make a new one!

Weekly Writing Prompt #80


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