Daily Prompt:  Record

Grandkids ask, did you hear that song?

I answer no, my radio’s gone

Radio? Just use your phone!

No, runs the battery to the bone.

Did you see that movie “Nothing to Lose”?

No, I’m waiting to tape it

And watch when I choose.

Tape it? No one uses tape anymore

Really, Grandma, get with the score

I answered, well then record, like recorder

That’s what I meant, trying to restore order.

I guess I won’t mention

45s, or 78s, that we listened to 

Doubt they’d even have a clue

But those musical discs made of vinyl

Make my decision and statement final.

Music, whether taped or recorded

Is something I’ve always hoarded

I love to hear it, puts me in a mood

My choices of listening are sometimes viewed
As old fashioned.



10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Record

  1. You know this really reminds me that I haven’t listened to a proper radio in a long time, I don’t mean phone radio.. Technology sure is scrapping all this thing’s away…I will make sure I listen to a proper radio so as to feel the freshness of it💞 thanks for sharing..

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  2. I find it fascinating, and therefore fun, to watch the faces of teens suddenly exposed to something that we grew up with in the 40’s and 50’s. Last time that happened, it was with a college student and a high school student — I mentioned something that made them laugh, and it began a session of “have you ever seen” conversation that lasted for quite a while. Rotary phones, typewriters, etc. can trigger such discussions, as did your taping it!

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