Picture Prompt-48

Pete ignored the Do Not Enter sign and continued down the stairway.  No choice as he saw it, his brother’s life was in danger.  He checked his inside pocket to make sure the money was there, and the gun.  Having to get his brother out of trouble once again, his mind couldn’t keep from remembering the many times his brother called on him to make things right.  He always seemed to be in the wrong place at the right time-the time trouble started.  This wasn’t any different.  Gambling became an obsession for his brother and all the dangerous aspects of it.

This time he couldn’t pay.  He called on Pete to get him out of another jam.  Pete thought about how hard he had worked to save this money, and he felt sick.  His brother had no idea of sacrifice.  He never worked an honest day of labor.  He just tried to get by on his charm and street smarts.  Well that wasn’t working now, was it?  

The room below was dark and smoky.  Pete walked over and threw the money on the table.  “That’s all I’ve got.”  

The guy nodded to his associate and motioned to a door.  Pete’s brother stumbled into the light.  Pete grabbed him and turned to leave.  The guy at the table nodded an okay to his henchmen, and grunted a warning, “I never want you in my place again.”

Relieved, Pete dragged his brother out the door and up the stairs.