Cyranny’s Cove Amazing Race-Moe, from Team Monkey

Hi there!  Moe speaking.  I left my brothers Curly and Larry home.  I’ve pretty much had the run of the house since my official team leader has been keeping warm under her covers.  Yes, snowy and windy here.  But it hasn’t stopped me from sneaking into her backpack a few times.

She still has her tree up, can you believe it?  I guess she’s proving the tree salesman right when he said it would last till February!  Since she has that ancient Christmas mouse up there, she probably won’t even notice me.

I also played Monkeyzilla on her Christmas village display.

Well I’ve got to be moving along for now.  Besides, I’m getting hungry!


7 thoughts on “Cyranny’s Cove Amazing Race-Moe, from Team Monkey

  1. LOOOOOL Sorry to have missed this 2 days ago… But so much’s going on at the moment! Loved your post and your pictures!!! The Christmas tree one is!! Re-posting this in a few minutes…. I just need to update the Amazing Race’s page and we’ll officially have Moe’s new stats to show!!!

    *big hugs to you and Moe* (by the way, “Moe” fits the little guy soooo well!! )

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