What night is it anyway?

It is 7:15pm on Wednesday. It’s a shame it’s getting darker earlier and sunny and bright later, but that’s beside the point. I turn off the sound on my phone about 11:00 but as soon as I turn it on in the morning I get texts, up to ten or more a day.

In these anonymous calls I am addressed as Steve and all kinds including obscene messages are presented to me. I block each number but they keep sending texts. I have tried to get help from my carrier with no luck. I wonder who sells the numbers to these perverts and scammers. It must be quite a lucrative business.

My other question is, who in the world answers these texts and why? My firefighter grandson says to change my number. Apparently people do it frequently. What a hassle but I may have to for my sanity’s sake.

Annoying sales calls are one thing. This is another. Btw, I just got another one. What in heck is this world coming to?

I get knocks on my door a couple of times a month late at night from someone. Of course I never answer it. My family knows to text or call before they come.

It is very discouraging to be in this time when people are crazy. I know you’ll think of course it’s nothing new, it’s gone on for years. But I think it is-at the level it is now, increasing all the time.

Disrespect, language, rudeness even from children, gestures, and I wouldn’t want to be driving now with everyone here having a gun in their car or carrying one in public.

So settle down, say your prayers and have a good night’s sleep? Is that what you do?



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