Daily Prompt:  Soil

Just another day, Harry was not discouraged.  They named him Harry because he always had bits of hair showing up here and there on his body.  It didn’t bother him.  What’s a few hairs when they’re all going to be peeled off anyway?

Harry was not your typical sweet potato.  Sure, the fancy ones were named yams, but he preferred sweet potato.  After all he was sweet, and had a good head on his shoulders.  That’s why his friend liked him.  Oh, yes, they have close acquaintances.  They grow up together in the dirt.  Dirt is a nice name for unfertilized soil.  After they add the cow manure it is called something else.  But the manure does help them grow.

Harry was very handsome, despite the unusual hair growth.  Not all potatoes have a head, and because of this he’ll be kept around and admired by children.  For a while at least.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and that’s when Harry and his friends will shine.  It’s an okay sacrifice, that is their purpose.  Everything needs a purpose.  And they get to cozy up with sweet butter and brown sugar.


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