Daily Prompt:  Disastrous

The last disaster I had was here in my kitchen, with macaroni noodles. I was making goulash with my youngest grandson. Since I’m always sitting, it’s difficult to manage hot boiling pots of water, so I thought I would take out half of the cooked noodles and hot water first.  

I lifted the pot to the sink to empty the rest in a colander. I hit the partition between the two sinks, spilled water and noodles all over the floor, sink, and shelf. It was disastrous, and took a long time to clean up.

Never mind rolling over the noodles and squishing them, trying to get into a free place to start the cleanup. My grandson thought it was hilarious, so I guess it wasn’t all that bad! Anytime you can laugh after carelessly causing a mess, it’s okay.


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