Daily Post: Exposure- Noir

She sauntered into the room with a dangerous attitude. It was smoky, but she scanned the room for him. She liked to feel those eyes on her, as she slid onto the barstool. Every movement was calculated for the most exposure. She took the opportunity of attention, and hiked her skirt to adjust the holster on her thigh. She was looking for trouble and his name was Pete. After the patrons’ eyes focused back on their drinks, she leaned over the bar. “You seen Pete?”

The bartender smiled nervously, and stuttered “uh, not tonight, Lacey.” He knew Pete well, and thought his hiding in the back room wouldn’t keep Lacey from finding him. When she was on the war path, everyone just kept out of her way.

Lacey knew he was lying, but couldn’t blame him. His awkward smile gave him away. She slowly slid off the barstool, adjusted everything that needed it, and started for the poker room in back. The customers decided it was time to leave.  

She threw back the curtain and opened the back room door. All eyes were on Lacey as she entered the room with that slinky, slow revolving body they enjoyed watching.

“Pete here?” She knew the answer but wanted them to squirm a bit. A sudden noise drew her eyes to the right. There he was, drunk as usual, losing their money in another futile poker game.

“Lacey! Don’t worry, I only lost a couple hundred tonight. Glad to see you came,” lying through his clenched teeth. He went over to her and tried to kiss her on the cheek. She pushed him away and he fell into a chair. She lifted her skirt and took out the gun she always carried.

“This is the last time, Pete. I warned you.” The other players hurriedly scattered away from Pete. Pete’s face blanched.  

“But, honey, I love you! Don’t, Lacey, I promise I won’t come back here!”

“I know you won’t, Pete.” She shot him three times, just to make sure his promise was kept.



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