Jujojan-01-21-2017 and SoCS- Glass

First thing?  Is your glass half empty or half full?  This has always been a puzzle for me, because each day is different.  Some days you’re on top of the world, playing cards with your grandkids, or receive the text I did today:  “R is craving Rice Krispie treats and says we suck at making them.  She loves yours best.”

“I don’t have the ingredients,” I text back.  R writes: “then roll down to Safeway”. We are all laughing at this point.  R is the granddaughter still recovering from hip surgery, home for the weekend for PT.  The kids always preferred my RK treats because I add butterscotch chips and peanut butter.  They are getting the ingredients, and I’ll  cook.  

My glass is always half full when it comes to family.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS and #JusJoJan Jan. 21/17

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    1. I can’t comment on the bell, but here are my answers. It’s a pita for sure. I now have six numbers in my phone I have listed as grr, grr1, etc. I followed advice to set a special ring which works. I just don’t answer that particular ring. I gave all the grrs the same ring.

      I had a laugh icon after bikini up they never show up.

      If you enjoy the challenge, don’t give up!


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