I used to take my handy scooter

It was a real hooty tooter

When rubbish day came around

I’d bag it up tightly bound

Scoot down the sidewalk

When no one’s around

Listen to the bag drag on the ground.

Of course I was careful not to abuse

The rules of the complex on refuse.

I wrapped it soundly so nothing should leak

Used heavy bags so nothing would reek.

Others around just put anything there

Dog-do, even old stinky arm chairs.

Now I only have a chair that I roll

Going to the dumpster takes its toll

It’s hard to hold a big bag with your knees

So ask the grandkids would they please

Most of the time they do it for me

But now a problem…the Christmas tree!

#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 19th/17January 19, 2017 by LindaGHil

10 thoughts on “Jujojan-01-19-2017-Rubbish

    1. I noticed, and thanks but like I said last time I gave up doing awards (when my follow list actually had people in it) and I was getting 1 every other week. It’s nice to be recognised and thank you for that but I don’t participate. (I’d rather people recognise my efforts like you do with comments and banter rather than awards 🙂 )


    2. Ok, answers to all here in no order:
      No way I’m paying
      Fix what things?
      Just thought it was very funny the rants were on the side. My related posts aren’t always what I would choose.

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    3. Ok answers to you.
      Pay me
      Fix whatever it is that irks you
      Like I say my related posts has been modified for my use, but you’re right some of the ones that come with themes do appear a bit random with what they choose.


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