Daily Prompt:  Overworked

Have you ever drawn a picture, painted a flower, decorated a simple tshirt, frosted a cake, written a poem, or story? I have tried all of these and I must say some attempts were not too bad. The problem I had with my efforts was, I sometimes didn’t stop when I should have. The item would be overworked and end up disappointing or a disaster.  

I used to make all the kids’ birthday cakes. Most of them turned out very nice. As long as I took my time and didn’t overdo it. In the eighties I made sweat outfits and shirts with fabric paint. I’m most proud of a lightweight denim long jacket I made for my daughter. I painted the bottom all the way around with different sights, such as the Kremlin, the Eiffel Tower, etc. I didn’t overwork it and created a unique item.  

As most creative people love to try different forms to express that creativity, we all need to remember to not overdo our efforts.