Sleepless #3

Another night of constant rambling

Starts at ten and then the ambling

Back and forth with boots and heels

Now I’m sure my fate is sealed.

And how many live up there?

Not that I really care.

It’s just the lack of sleep that matters

No quiet quilters or old tatters

Noisy, young and full of pep

Running up and down the steps

Outside my door and up above

One quiet night I would love.

Another vacuum at one and two

Could I just move in with you?

Pounding, then I guess they’re through

Off to work in cars more than two

A final insult are headlights

Into my darkness, oh so bright.

I might as well give up this rant

Stop this “neighbor”?   I just can’t!


29 thoughts on “Sleepless #3

  1. Oy! These people are unaware oafs, Cheryl. How about you write them a nice letter explaining the impact their habits have on your getting rest and asking if there is some way it can be worked out jointly? You’ve probably tried that… šŸ˜‰ xoM

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    1. Ah ok, I remember the silliness that ensued when it was discovered how many kids medicines and stuff had alcohol in them. Sheesh how else are parent suppose to get their kids to sleep if they aren’t drunk?

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    2. Back in the sixties, I know, tired of hearing about it?? Our friends used to drug their kid with Paregoric in their milk bottle at night so they could go to the restaurant next door to us.

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    3. Well you should have been more specific instead of that uneven statement. Have mercy on me. After reading a marathon of posts from impenetrable sources, I would appreciate a liminal attitude.

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    4. But being specific is no fun and gives us nothing to banter about. I like it when you think I’m insane and tell me that my actions are stupid, I like to think of it as keeping you sane in your old age šŸ™‚

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