Picture Prompt-38

He thought they’d never find it, but they did.  He weighed it down with enough cement blocks to sink a battleship, but they still found him.  This was never his idea.  It was a request he had to fulfill, a promise he made to his old friend. Now it felt as if he had betrayed him.  

As he looked back at the city, he felt pangs of loneliness, so sad he couldn’t help from crying.  “I miss you so much, and I’m sorry this happened, I tried my best,”he thought to himself.  He sat down on the grass and held his dog for comfort.  The dog realized the pain his master was in and tried to lick his face to show him he cared.  He settled himself close in to his masters side.  “If only I could count on you when it’s my time.”  Jesse thought his dog understood because he looked up with reassurance.  

Jesse thought of his friends last sentence, “promise me, Jesse.” 

After such a long, painful illness, he asked  Jesse to commit the ultimate sacrifice, and let him go.   The illness was taking Paul’s mind little by little, and Jesse knew it would eventually take over completely, leaving him with only a decaying body.  Paul didn’t deserve that.  His request was simple, “give me the shot”.  Only sounding simple, just a few pills to put him asleep, unaware, and then give him the shot.  

Not an ordinary request, but he knew why.  They had grown up together, did everything together and when college ended, they realized they were not just friends anymore.  They became lovers, devoted to each other.  They had talked of this request as soon as they knew Paul was sick.  The disease was a terminal type of cancer with no cure.  Their relationship grew stronger in spite, or maybe because, of this.  They made promises, and now the promise Jesse had to make to Paul, to give him peace, had been carried out.

Paul never told his family about his love for Jesse.  Neither did Jesse tell his own parents.  Their love was forbidden, odd as that may seem today.  They traveled and spent holidays away from family.  No one would ever know of their secret relationship.  Now in this spot, alone with only his dog as a companion, Jesse just cried, he missed Paul so.  Paul’s plan was to seemingly disappear, his absence being accepted.  His parents and family too old now to care anymore what happened to their estranged son.  That was the plan.  Now Jesse thought, it was not a good one.  They should have told them the truth, no matter the outcome.  

The body was cremated after the police found it.  Paul was buried in Potters Field.  No one came forth to claim the body.  It was the ultimate sacrifice on Jesse’s part.  He hugged the dog tighter.



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