Sunday Photo Fiction-01-15-2017

“I think it’s looking straight at me!” Jason squirmed as he thought he didn’t even want to touch it, much less take a drink.

“It’s just a goblet! Now take a drink!”

Jason went to the bar and tried to reach for the goblet, but those evil eyes… was like a warning.

Sneaking up behind Jason, Joe whispered, “drink from me and you’ll die, hahahahaha…”. Jason had a chill run down his spine at the thought, and Joe’s wicked laugh.

“Cut it out, Dave. If you’re so brave, you go first”, sounding like a six year old on the playground. They’re  here at Dave’s with his horrendous new Ebay purchase. And this glass gave Joe an eerie feeling.

“You pour, and I’ll take the first drink.” Joe poured the Burgundy in the goblet. No smoke, and the cup stayed in place. So far, so good.

Dave raised the goblet with a ceremonial nod to his friend, took the first sip. Joe watched carefully. Nothing. He was almost disappointed! Dave placed the cup on the bar. Joe was not going to be outdone.

Joe turned and was just about to take a sip when he turned back towards Dave. “Dave?”


15 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction-01-15-2017

    1. Oh those are fun to watch. I mean, they clearly were signs of a darker and more troubled and tense time with the constant threat of some nuclear fallout but…gotta love hiding under your desk to save yourself from an atomic bomb.
      I think one of the greatest feelings would be just to be able to wake up in the morning and look across at this incredible person and feel immediately and immensely lucky every single time that they’re there. So if she feels lucky, I know I will too! Thank you for your comment.

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