You win some, you lose some.

It’s the winning that helps you overcome the losing.

I was given wonderful news today. I am receiving compensation from my insurance for my cancer diagnosis in February last year. It could not have come at a better time. I had put this information in the back of my brain for a while. It’s been a year and a half, and I’m still here, so time to revisit this condition. It’s not like I can forget it completely. Of course, every day the urostomy is a reminder. But not to worry….I am still here, enjoying my family, and very happy.

I’m going back to the VA hospital this coming week as a volunteer. I had some doubts about showing up in a wheelchair – if I could be helpful and not a reminder of the patients’ plight, but I’m going to give it a try. It is time to get out of myself and help others, which I love to do.  

The good news I received comes at a particularly good time. I feel elated! This is a fine example of getting a lemon, and making lemonade, which I love. I wanted to share this because the few of you who follow me know I’ve been sort of down-in-the-dumps lately. But like our weather here in Wyoming, there’s sun, then thundershowers, hail, and then sun again. Mother Nature has a good attitude.


Sad times

It seems there is so much violence, so many unhappy and disturbed people now.  And they take it out in dangerous, horrible ways.  One minute you are reading about fifty innocent people trying to have fun, and the next minute they are a tragic story.  Are you as tired and discouraged as I am with this?  

I try to stay positive.  I have problems, some explained here in detail. We all do.  This week it has been a challenge to stay focused on the good things in my life, and I am privileged to have many of them. I watched with pride as two granddaughters graduated from high school.  I saw an improved attitude in a troubled boy.  I admired a family’s pictures of  two women getting married.  So happy.  This is all love.  Love of family, friends.  They say love conquers all, but not this week in Florida.  

The dragonfly is an ancient symbol of change.  Let us stop this violence.  Help make a change near you.

Children see each other as they see themselves, they don’t pick apart the skin color, the religion, the single or married parents.  They just want friends to play with.  I wish we could all see through to the person inside, like a child.

Very serious this posting.  But it’s been a serious week.  A time to reflect upon the good things in our life, to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.  Appreciate your fellow man.