You win some, you lose some.

It’s the winning that helps you overcome the losing.

I was given wonderful news today. I am receiving compensation from my insurance for my cancer diagnosis in February last year. It could not have come at a better time. I had put this information in the back of my brain for a while. It’s been a year and a half, and I’m still here, so time to revisit this condition. It’s not like I can forget it completely. Of course, every day the urostomy is a reminder. But not to worry….I am still here, enjoying my family, and very happy.

I’m going back to the VA hospital this coming week as a volunteer. I had some doubts about showing up in a wheelchair – if I could be helpful and not a reminder of the patients’ plight, but I’m going to give it a try. It is time to get out of myself and help others, which I love to do.  

The good news I received comes at a particularly good time. I feel elated! This is a fine example of getting a lemon, and making lemonade, which I love. I wanted to share this because the few of you who follow me know I’ve been sort of down-in-the-dumps lately. But like our weather here in Wyoming, there’s sun, then thundershowers, hail, and then sun again. Mother Nature has a good attitude.



img_2288I hate to admit I am guilty of this. I think it is a result of spending too much time alone, or too much coffee….In either case, I am unable to fall asleep at night even if I am tired. Something about the night or darkness?  My mind just won’t shut down and let me relax. I uselessly go over things, decisions I’ve made, consequences, what I should have or could have done better. As a parent, I’m sure we all do this to a degree. As a grandparent I try to be a better “parent” than I was with my own children. Looser, more amenable to their attitudes, actions, and decisions. As a mother of two boys and a girl I have mixed feelings on things.  At the time, you have to take responsibility for the advice you give.  The peer pressure put on kids with everything in your face…videos, movies, magazines, Internet, all of these can undermine the basic values even the best parents try to teach. Trusting they will make the “right” decisions is difficult, but necessary for parents these days. Communication is key.

Of course these are my opinions only. I think the pressure put on kids today from all sides is tremendous. And then there is the violence happening everywhere, no town or person is immune. I was in a one room schoolhouse until seventh grade. I remember the duck and cover drills, however useless they were, being scary for us as children. The sixties race riots when we lived in TX. Then the Vietnam war on television, in your face every night. Troubling times. All of that not as intimidating as it is today for our young people, when a trip to the store, or the movies could be their last trip anywhere. You may think I sound overly pessimistic. I really am not. I do feel there is a considerable rising amount of worrisome happenings for children today. I saw a graph of suicide where ten year olds were portrayed. Horrifying.

If you read this, I would be anxious to know your thoughts and opinions.