Simply 6 Minutes


“This will show those bullies! I bet they’ll swim fast as they can to get away from me!”

Timmy timid they called him and he was so easy to scare that it was hardly fun anymore, but what else did they have to do? Life in a bowl was not exactly exciting. Swim, eat, poop, swim, eat, poop was pretty much the whole curriculum…Timmy was so easy to frighten it was literally child’s play! Joe had to laugh at his own joke, causing a myriad of bubbles up to the surface. He followed them up to see a shark fin, not a very big one, but a shark for Pete’s sake! What’s a shark doing in a goldfish bowl? Joe panicked and swam to his other friends. “Did you see the shark?”

Sound travels in water and Timmy started chuckling when he heard the other guys. Mission accomplished he thought.


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