SoCS – Opposites


Well good morning and who woke up at four and is just now having coffee at five? Me🙄 It’s a balmy 9F degrees and snowing. It’s still pitch black but the snow lit up my room last night. The fam is in Rock Springs at a basketball tournament – it’s 12F degrees there but not snowing yet. I hope the roads are clear and they don’t get stuck like last weekend with 100+ mph winds and roads closed.

My granddaughter is a freshman but gets to play because she is one of those “naturals” in athletics. People always say she’s a natural but it’s dedication, hard work and practice. She has either been watching or playing since three years old, and loves it.

This is stream of consciousness so there you have my stream this cold early Saturday. Opposites—well let me think…the opposite of having cold feet is these thick warm slipper socks😂 and a good amount of practice, practice, practice.


14 thoughts on “SoCS – Opposites

  1. I am in Australia so your description of cold wintery weather sounds divine as I sit here sweating despite having the air con on full blast. Very humid where I live. I found my way here via the Stream of consciousness prompt. Nice to meet you!

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    1. Hello! Always wanted to see Australia and yes it is certainly strange to envision our different parts of the world. My sisters in VT are inundated with snow but here in WY it is dry and cold. Stay safe and we’ll☺️


  2. I really hope your granddaughter and the family didn’t get stuck and hope your granddaughter did well on her game. Yes, I agree, talent is one thing but without hard work, it will go to waste.

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