Does anyone else have a problem with Mr. Linky? Probably only me as usual… if I write anything requiring a link to this site, I take more time to finagle it than writing the post!

If you have old fingers like mine, and you hit (him) instead of the little box, it takes you to a lengthy green explanation of what (he) is. If you click back it goes away and you have to revisit the original prompt post to hit the link again.

Also, this requires me to follow myself to get an email of my posted response in order to have the url to post on the link. Confusing isn’t it? And too much time consumed to get it posted on Mr Linky. Maybe Mr. Linky is just Murphy in disguise 🤨

Maybe if you use a computer instead of a phone you have multiple windows so this back and forth nonsense is not a problem. I only use a phone. I wish we could just link to the prompt post without 🫨 Mr. Stinky (oh sorry, that was harsh) Linky.


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