Monsters Beware!

A tactile flinch was reasonable in this situation. No part of my body could remain docile after the zombie neared to touch me. There’s preparation for meeting the “real thing” and thing…it certainly was, all ruined skin, slack jaw full of hungry teeth, and the smell! The dead black marbles that used to vibrant living eyes showed nothing.

I grew up with horror stories, to the point of infatuation, thinking meeting a vampire or werewolf would be an exciting adventure but this was unbelievable. I was frozen in my space on the sidewalk. I’m sure my eyes were huge reflecting my horror.

Then as quickly as it had appeared, it trudged down the dark alley, probably seeking a more tasty victim.

I always wore a necklace of garlic, with a crucifix, carried a vial of lavender essential oil and dosed myself in holy water each time I decided to take a midnight stroll.

*** final three words for this week are:


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