SoCS 4-22-23

Good evening- did that remind you of Bela Lugosi? Oh well. I am including this scene of the soccer game at six pm tonight, Friday. Exciting isn’t it? The blizzard was bad enough but the camera refused to follow the action and stuck like this. The photo below was during the game! One time the camera followed a white shopping bag drift across the field instead of the girls playing.😳🙈🤪 This app coverage is terrible. The girls were slipping and sliding and falling and it ended up 2-2. I was hoping there would not be overtime and it took twenty minutes plus for them to decide not to continue. Everyone went home after eight pm, cold and wet.


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    1. Couldn’t go , babysitting so that’s why I watched on app. Another 20 degree snow on ground day for this morning game. I hope they call it off. The girls could get frostbite


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