A2Z 19

S for Scylla. In Greek mythology, Scylla was the daughter of Forky and Kitos, once a beautiful Nymph whom Poseidon longed for. The jealous Amphitrite, Poseidon’s partner, turned her into a monster. She haunted the rocks of a narrow strait opposite the whirlpool of another terrible monster, Charybdis. In Odyssey, Ulysses’ ship passes through the strait, after losing six of his men who were eaten alive by the monster.

One tradition relates that Scylla originally was a beautiful maiden, who often played with the nymphs of the sea, and was beloved by the marine god Glaucus. He applied to Circe for means to make Scylla return his love; but Circe, jealous of the fair maiden, threw magic herbs into the well in which Scylla was wont to bathe, and by these herbs the maiden was metamorphosed in such a manner, that the upper part of her body remained that of a woman, while the lower part was changed into the tail of a fish or serpent, surrounded by dogs



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  1. My new novel is called Charybdis—I keep hearing I should change the title because no one will know what it means, but at least you will, so I can say, “People do know!”

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