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A for ambivalent. I have been trying to figure out my feelings about religion in general. I grew up with a strict Baptist mother and a dad who refused to attend church. I was not “baptized” until I chose it at the age of 16. I attended and worked some at the church and liked the pastor. Then actual life happened and the shiny exterior wore off quickly. As I went out into the real world I had a hard time justifying my beliefs. The older I get the more ambivalent I am about many things.



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  1. For me, there is a difference between Religion & organized religion. What the holy texts of religions preach is usually a good thing and could be followed: treat fellow humans nicely, only use as much as you need, and be grateful for what you have. However, when people start organizing religious meetings and start to think they know better and need to tell you how to behave then it’s just for power. Not sure if that makes sense 🤔

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