Simply Six Minutes – Whew!

“I told you it would work! Can you believe it?” Joe was dancing around on the grassy meadow as he and Mike watched the mechanical bird soar higher and higher.

“How high you think it’ll go? asked Mike, who had been dubious about the success of this project from the start.

“Geez, I don’t know. I never thought it would actually fly!” Then Joe began to worry because the bird kept reaching further up in the sky. “Oh my god, I never thought it might go that high! What if a plane collided with it? What if it gets caught in an engine and causes a crash?”

The two boys’ faces turned white and they hightailed it out of the meadow, got on their bikes and headed home. Their parents thought it strange they listened to the news that night and even read the next morning’s paper. At school, they avoided each other but no bad news had been reported.


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