SYW 3-20-23

USA Today

Here are your questions for this week:

1. Do you use an ‘air freshener’ in your home/car/office? (solid, gel, spray, pot pourri, etc). I use a bath and body plug in in the bathroom but the scent is very light.

2. How often do you clean the oven or microwave? It depends if something splatters, but I usually just cover everything.

3. Do you use a fabric conditioner in your laundry and/or fragranced tumble drier sheets? I use detergent and dryer sheets that are clear and free, no scents.

4. If you have the choice, do you prefer to get your laundry dry outside on a line or use a tumble drier? I would but not possible any more. Funny story: when first married I was determined to do everything “right”. We lived in an apartment complex in Houston TX. I bet the neighbors thought I was crazy when I attempted to hang out my laundry in provided lines in the parking lot. They clothes never dried and had to be rewashed due to polluted air in the area.🙄

Gratitude: As always love of family and my granddaughter’s safe air travels.


10 thoughts on “SYW 3-20-23

  1. Your answer about the clothesline is exactly the thing that keeps me from trying it. Except instead of pollution mine would be pollen. Or wild squirrels playing on the line. 😂

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  2. Thanks for playing along. Love your laundry story. I remember washing sheets in the bath as I had no washing machine when I was first married.
    Wringing them out was a two person job and my SIL at the time took pity on us and gave us her old twin tub.

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