MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt – 1-10-21

Tying a distinguishing black polka dot bow tie, he thought most people didn’t even know how to tie them anymore. He looked again at his polished wingtips, his expertly pressed trousers and the impeccable white shirt, wrists emblazoned with silver cuff links.

Now this is what women want, he thought. A well dressed man who knows how to take good care of himself which shows I also know how to take care of you. This all aside of course as his subconscious was only hoping to get lucky.



9 thoughts on “MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt – 1-10-21

  1. The trick was always to have two. A ready-tied one to look perfect at the start of the evening, and a proper one, just to drape around your neck at the end of the evening, thereby looking James Bond cool. But, can you believe, I never got lucky?????
    Don’t think so, anyway. Maybe there’s more to it…

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