MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt 5-23-21

It seems that at the present time everyone is speaking (including me) and there is no holding back which creates no peace.

Blatant condemnation about masks, for instance, has hit home with me the last month. Assuming, and you know what that means, that at a gathering of family with an outside friend where everyone is vaccinated except a health compromised 14 year old, and finding out after hours long cooped up in a car with the “friend” that she didn’t believe in masking or vaccinations, and was Covid positive. She didn’t know it at the time was her excuse but to me it is no excuse. If you are going to be hanging out with a family that has three vulnerable people with health issues? I find that reprehensible.

I haven’t seen anyone from the group for over a month because I haven’t been well. I am vaccinated but what I thought was a cold turned into bronchitis and I’m still not feeling good. I don’t want to spread those germs to my family.

Wearing a mask against a deadly disease is a tiny thing to ask. The CDC seems to be wishywashy as far as rules are concerned and state officials do not stand a united front on this issue. It’s like being in a boat with no paddle!

Everyone speaks about their own freedom. So where is the freedom of vulnerable people who need to be protected from you? The idea of people being trusted to be honest and just say they have been vaccinated so it’s ok to do what they want is a farce. People lie about tiny insignificant things to get into a movie, or have a free lunch; what makes you think they won’t lie to get into your business or restaurant, and what business that’s already in dire straights is going to pay for extra employees to handle these checks?

These problems are overwhelming and unsolvable, in my opinion. I’m just like the rest of you, tired of the lack of freedom but my life depends on it and my family’s lives too. This is not over. Wear a mask, get tested, get the vaccines available. Think of all the millions of people who have died and would give anything to be able to have had the shot.

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  1. I think your post was summed up by, “Wearing a mask against a deadly disease is a tiny thing to ask.” I can feel your concern and stress. Many important messages in your submission. Thank you for sharing, Cheryl, and I hope you feel better soon

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  2. Ah there is a saying in French (from the Declaration of Human Rights): “la liberté de chacun s’arrête où commence celle d’autrui.” – everyone’s freedom stops where that of another starts. But these days most people forget that and seem to think there should be no restriction to freedom; except no limit means the destruction of the social contract and it’s no longer freedom but potential anarchy.
    I’m perfectly aware of the government’s abuse of limitations to our civil liberties within the Covid pandemic but as far as I’m concerned, wearing a mask and maintaining distance is less invasive of my freedom than being stuck at home for months on end because a vast majority felt a mask was too much of a hassle.
    And if you’re so selfish as to put others in a situation where they may die well ask yourself if you shouldn’t be sued by the family for (not sure about the English equivalent of what i’m actually thinking of 😜) endangering someone else’s life

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  3. It’s tricky, Cheryl, isn’t it? Everyone is right for themselves but person A’s right could be different from what person B thinks is right. Guidance goes so far, then common sense takes over, and common sense it seems is just as vague as what’s right. 🙄 Personally, until the numbers are so low, I think the masks and distancing should continue. Things are improving, but we’re not there yet. That’s what I think, but I’ve been wrong before…

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  4. I think you have a difficult decision.
    If you have been vaccinated, then how long are you intending to avoid unvaccinated people? forever? Bucause that’s how long I figure covid will be around.

    Having also been vaccinated, I’m prepared to trust the science, I have a 90% chance of not being infected at all, and an even higher probability that, if I do catch it, it won’t be fatal. In those numbers, it doesn’t matter what anyone else did.

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