Fandango’s Flashback Friday

It starts with a read in a library book

A smile slowly spreads across as you look

Suppressing an obvious outburst

In the rules you are well versed

It finally erupts, a short giggle

Not too loud while being held in

Librarian looks are withering

You read it again, causing a squiggle

In your wooden chair

She’s eyeing you there

All at once can’t hold it in

Even to the lady’s chagrin

Out it comes, a huge loud giggle

There you sit in embarrassed wriggle.


This happened to me. I started laughing, couldn’t stop and had to leave. It was a small library and I was in the kid’s section with my granddaughter. Her older sister handed me a book which was supposed to be a child’s introduction to sex. It was hilarious with the words and illustrations. . .you can imagine. That’s why I’m not allowed to go with them to the library anymore…JK🤓


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