Excerpt from: https://onthefencevoters.com/2023/02/23/the-east-palestine-disconnect/

In my own opinion, anyone with a brain should see this is a regular Trump political stunt, and not a demonstration of actual caring. Please read the entire post at the address above.

“The mayor of East Palestine also weighed in when Biden traveled to Kyiv to show solidarity with Ukraine on Monday. The mayor said he should have come to East Palestine instead of Ukraine. He, of course, voted for Trump, like most of his constituents. He’s since walked back those comments somewhat. Still, the mayor was there yesterday with Trump and newly elected Senator J.D Vance, wallowing in their hero worship of the guy who gutted regulations and doesn’t give a damn about the community.”

“Let’s face it. It’s all about pointing fingers at the Democratic administration and making the people of East Palestine think the Republican Party cares about them. We know, though, that they really care about scoring cheap political points. And they do that very well.”




9 thoughts on “Excerpt from: https://onthefencevoters.com/2023/02/23/the-east-palestine-disconnect/

    1. Exactly. He’s going to run again. I just wish the Justice dept would follow through and do what needs to be done for him never to run for public office again. So frustrating 🙄


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